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Mixed notes by Anders Weijnitz

Bread for Daniel

I regularly bake my own bread and recently I shared my sourdogh culture with a collegue. Seeing his first loaf reminded me of my early attempts and inspired me to write this post to get him going on a second try. I am a big fan of the lazy no-knead breads which sit overnight and use autolysis to form the gluten. This recipie is for a basic bread using this the no-knead technique and it can be made into either a loaf, mini baguettes or rolls (a.k.a Brötchen or Semmel around here).

Revisiting Ionic

When Ionic first came out, I took it for a spin and I was really excited about what I saw. Now, a couple of years down the line, I decided to revisit it too see what it has become. for the Impatient

Packer is a great tool, but unfortunately it has a couple of minor issues in the getting started guide which snags you. This is a quick write-up to get yourself through those first hurdles quickly.

Get Started With Yeoman, Grunt and the AngularJS Generator

I have been hesitant to move into “managed workflows” for my Javascript development. Mostly this is because nine times out of ten, the projects I do in my spare time are super basic and I feel I rather keep it clean and transparent, than adding in a lot of cruft. That said, I finally decided to give Yeoman and Grunt a go.

Using Screen to Run Goxtool While Logged Out

The Goxtool trading platform supports deployment of automated trading strategies/agents that will trade for you while you are logged in and running the application. However, ideally you would of course rather like to run them all the time, so that your brilliant strategies don’t miss critical shifts in the price curve. This is extra true for such a volatile currency such as Bitcoin of course.

GitLab in a Box

Putting a production ready GitLab in a Vagrant box

I have been thinking about ways we could gradually switch from Subversion to using Git at work and since I had some time over during the Holidays, I decided to give Vagrant a go.The goal is to quickly be able to setup new project environments using GitLab as the main collaboration and Git managenent system.